Photographer's checklist before a road trip. / by Alex Gesse

Canon PowerShot S100 1/640 f/5.6 ISO 200

Canon PowerShot S100 1/640 f/5.6 ISO 200

In less that two weeks I'm going to start a road trip. This year I'm flying to Seattle and from there I will drive south to San Francisco. I'm really excited for this trip and the places I'm going to see. The west coast is stunning from start to finish.

As a photographer, I need to take some time to research where I'm going and what kind of photos I will be taking, of course it's impossible to plan and predict everything but having some ideas are a good starting point. With less than 2 weeks to go, I find this is perfect time to start preparing for the trip.

Things to prepare for:

  • Research where you will pass during the trip.
  • Decide what you will be doing in those places.
  • Research a bit about it. For example, I will be hiking some mountain areas in Seattle and I found out that in some places I need a "pass" in order to do it. Seems important right?
  • Check what the weather might be like to take appropriate clothes.
  • I have checked for sunrise and sunset times, moon phases and even high tides and low tides because I want to take some specific oceanscapes photographs. This might not apply to you.. but it only shows how far I went ;)
  • Check your gear to make sure you have:
    • Extra Batteries
    • Flashlight
    • Lens cleaner
    • Memory Cards
    • Tripod plate
    • Car charger for your cell and also your camera batteries
  • Find out coverage areas for you cell carrier and download offline maps for those areas with no data so you can still use your maps app to navigate.
  • Purchase equipment you might need sometime before your trip so you can test it, learn about it and if purchased online to arrive in time.
  • Take as much equipment as you can handle.. you never know what you'll need.

These to me are some of the most important items before going on a trip. One thing we really can't control is the weather, so make the best out of every situation.

Be safe!!